Sharing run results

Learn how to share your Intersect-generated results, publicly.

We've discussed how to share an app with other Intersect users in your team, however, you can also share your results with people outside of Intersect.

While non-Intersect users can't create, edit or run data apps, they can access your finished results from a particular run instance through a public sharing link.

Let's say you have generated a sales report using a particular data app and you wish to share this week's report with the marketing team. First, you select the run instance you wish to share.

Then, from the finished dashboard view, you can generate a public sharing link that will direct people to this specific run instance result. When the link is generated, the results become public and anyone with the link can view them.

Preview on how to share run results in Intersect's data app

In other words, as long as the app run is public, anyone with the link will be able to access it. To deactivate the public link you can click to "Stop Sharing" at any time. And this will deactivate the link so the results are no longer accessible.

Preview of "stop sharing" option in a data app on Intersect

In-app visibility