Sharing an app

Learn how to share and collaborate with teammates on a data app.

Intersect proudly boasts the collaborative nature of a team-based data workspace. But you might be wondering how exactly to get your teammates in on the action!

In this tutorial:

App sharing enables others to view, edit or interact with your results or full data app.

When you join Intersect, you become part of a team. Your team may be comprised of other Intersect users from your company or if you are the only user it could just be you.

The Dashboard, hosts all of the apps from your team. Your accessibility of these data apps is dependent on the share settings that the app's creator assigned to each teammate.

Preview of the dashboard page in Intersect

Sharing an app

You can share an app from either the edit view, or the App Mission Control page.

First, the pop-up share app menu allows you to apply a quick, general accessibility setting to all of your teammates in the system.

Preview of the sharing a data app pop up

Whatever option you select here will be automatically applied to all of your teammates (besides yourself). This general setting is overridden on an individual basis when you select a different role for a specific person.

The settings are automatically saved as you make these edits.

So what do each of these roles mean?

Accessibility roles

When you create an app, you become the owner of that app. Owners have complete control of the app including editing, running, viewing, deleting, and sharing. Owners also have the power to give owner access to any other teammate.

The next most powerful role is an editor. Editors can do everything that an owner can do except delete the app or give owner access (obviously).

Users are teammates that can operate on the the app mission control, run and share the app. Users can also grant others user or viewer accessibility.

And lastly, intuitively a viewer can only view the app in the published version. From the App Mission Control page viewers can look at any  past runs, but unlike Users, viewers cannot run the app themselves.

A breakdown of accessibility roles

As you've probably noticed, the sharability settings we've discussed so far have covered individuals who have an Intersect account within your team. However, you can also share your results with people outside of Intersect.

While non-intersect users can't create, edit or run data apps, they can access your finished results through a public sharing link. To find out how to do this, check out our video on sharing Run results.


Sharing run results