Scheduling a data app

Learn how to schedule your data app to run on its own, and minimize repetitive and tedious data patching tasks.

One of our number one goals at Intersect is to eliminate the need for repetitive, manual tasks. The ability to run a data app on a set schedule can entirely automate your data analytics process.

Picture this- you walk into the office with your morning coffee in hand, you flip on your computer and low and behold, a finished sales report for the previous day's sales sits neatly, cleaned, processed and visualized in your email inbox.

No more tedious data cleaning and waiting around for timely requests to the engineering department.  

All this is possible by scheduling your data app!

Scheduling a data app

Scheduling is set up from the App Mission Control page. Here you can manually run your app to make sure your processing steps do what you want them to do.

Then, once your data app is complete click on "Schedule Runs" button to schedule your steps to run automatically.

First specify the increment of time in units of hours, days, weekdays or months. And then schedule a start date and time. This start date feature allows you to customize your scheduling even more by establishing a delayed start or scheduling things well in advance.

Note that the times you enter will automatically schedule according to the time zone of your computer at the time of scheduling.

Then click save and await your results!

When you return to your app mission control later, you will see each scheduled run in the run history bank.

To receive results to your inbox or some other external location, set up an export block within your data app.


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