Data integrations

Learn about the integrations that Intersect supports and how to use them

Data serves as the backbone of your data app. In a simplistic sense, data is “uploaded” into your data app in the initial step. However, intersect recognizes that companies pull from and house their data in a multitude of locations.

For this reason, we support integrations with external data sources. Currently, Intersect supports integrations with many common tools and platforms including (but not limited to): Postgres SQL, Amazon Redshift, Shopify, and Typeform. The list of potential integrations is extensive, and ever-growing.

Adding an integration

Before you can pull your data into your app, you must establish a connection between Intersect and your external platform. To do this, you need to add an integration to your team’s Intersect account.

The integrations page is accessed through the Integrations tab on your team’s main Intersect home page. Here you will see a list of your current integrations. In this case, the page is blank since we haven't added any integrations yet.

To add a new integration: click on "Add Integration" and a list of the available external platforms will pop up. Note that we can add any non-existent integration that you need. So if you don’t see the platform where you store your data on the existing list, let us know!

Adding Google Sheets

Each integration holds different requirements for connection. So you will be prompted to enter credentials or sign-in info dependent on the platform that you select.

For this example, we wish to pull data from a Google sheet so we need to integrate a Google account. First the prompt to “Authorize Intersect Labs" will show up.

This redirects to the google sign in page where you can enter your email address and password.

Now, if you return to the Integrations page as prompted… Ta-da! The Google sheets integration is now listed.

Importing from Google Sheets

When you add a Google sheets import block to your data app, you can select the integration that was just added and then chose from the data worksheets in your Google sheets account.

Shortcut for adding new integrations

Now that you know how to set up integrations, let me show you a shortcut for adding a new integration directly from the edit view.

Let’s say you’ve garnered your data hard hat and you’re deep within the data app construction zone. Your creative genius is flowing and your Facebook ad data is the final puzzle piece to optimizing the effectiveness of your targeted advertising.

So you add the Facebook import block but you can't actually access the data because you haven’t integrated Facebook with Intersect yet. Luckily, you can set up this integration directly from the block itself!

When Intersect can't find an existing integration, it prompts us to authorize to set one up. After logging into facebook we return to the data app to continue building our app- right where we left off!


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