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Improve sales proposals by predicting cost to serve

Supplying hundreds of different foods and beverages from warehouses all around the States comes with a unique set of challenges. We track our supply chain data closely, but it’s always been difficult to put it to use.

Here’s an example. Whenever a salesperson writes a proposal to a new customer, they have to include estimates. How much will it cost us to bring them snacks? How many stocking visits will the customer need each week? And so on... there are a handful of questions like this.

Traditionally, the salesperson would pass some key metrics about the customer to me, including their headcount, location, desired subscription plan, and distance to our warehouses. I would then pore over our historical data, looking for similar customers that we had served in the past. I’d do an analysis and build estimates for each new customer.

The process works well, but it’s a little cumbersome. With Intersect Labs, we’re able to do better, since we get accurate answers instantly.

To build our models, I collected all the historical order data we had for our customers. The same metrics the salespeople would pass to me became columns: I collected the customer’s location, headcount, closest warehouse, subscription plans, and corresponding order history in a spreadsheet.

Using that, I built my first model to predict the number of stocking visits required for a customer, and it was more accurate than my manual analysis. With the same order data, I quickly built a bunch more models to answer all of the salespeople’s questions.

With Intersect Labs’ help, we went one step further. Using their Google Sheets integration, we built an automated template that our salespeople can just fill out each time they’re working on a new proposal. They just input the same metrics they used to tell me, and automatically get their predictions from the Intersect Labs API.

As a result, the sales team can make accurate predictions on their own, more quickly than before.

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Case Study written by
Kristie Ching, Business Analyst Manager
Oh My Green
Kristie Ching, Business Analyst Manager