Supercharge Harvest with Intersect

Easily merge and analyze your Harvest data

Create custom time tracking reports and dashboards that calculate all your metrics from a wide range of data sources.

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Customize Harvest data analysis with data apps

Build time-tracking reports per project

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Build employee workload report

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Consolidated report with Harvest and Quickbooks data

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Build custom time tracking report

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The things you can do

Connect Harvest with Quickbooks

Intersect allows you to merge and analyze your employee performance data from Harvest plus your invoicing data from Quickbooks. No more data inconsistencies!

Custom data access

Build dashboards that segment your payroll and time tracking data, then share with specific teams or clients.

Automated reports

Gather all your invoicing, time tracking, and employee data from Harvest and other tools you might be using, and create reports that will run automatically.

The things you can do


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A process that previously required a several days' wait and a series of back-and-forth emails, now takes a few minutes. Intersect has empowered us to focus on what we are good at -- the actual business logic that lets us maintain our competitive edge, by removing the tedious, manual processes that we previously used to analyzed data.

Sean Godar, Vice President, Strategy and Analytics at Employers Health

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