Supercharge your Excel work with Intersect

Automate Excel formulas, remarkably fast

Automate any manual task you usually do in a spreadsheet. Connect your data, arrange your steps, and forget about hiring that developer.

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Automate all your spreadsheet work

Merge and analyze multiple Excel tables

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Automated Ad performance report with Excel data

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Automatically filter segments from Excel data

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Create your own CRM dashboard with Excel data

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Publish interactive dashboard with Excel data

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Automate all recurring calculations in Excel

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The things you can do

No more data inconsistencies

With the ability to connect to other tools and send and receive data, you'll never have to worry about your spreadsheets becoming outdated.

Automated Excel analytics

With Intersect, you can skip building complicated macros and formulas, and use a more intuitive interface for all your spreadsheet analysis.

Custom reports for Excel

Your schedule is busy. So are your spreadsheets. With Intersect, you can schedule apps to run a report on your data, or perform tedious data tasks at any time of the day.

A process that previously required a several days' wait and a series of back-and-forth emails, now takes a few minutes. Intersect has empowered us to focus on what we are good at -- the actual business logic that lets us maintain our competitive edge, by removing the tedious, manual processes that we previously used to analyzed data.

Sean Godar, Vice President, Strategy and Analytics at Employers Health

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