Recommendation engine to help optimize male fertility

Meryl Haddad, Product Manager at Legacy
“Until we started using Intersect Labs, cleaning our customers' data was slow and mostly manual. Now, it is done in couple of minutes.”


Legacy is a male fertility company; we help people easily analyze their sperm for fertility issues, and give recommendations if necessary. One of the things that’s different about sperm testing with Legacy is that all our users have to answer a rather comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire -- after all, sperm quality is highly dependent on lifestyle, and without understanding the lifestyle, our scientists cannot provide recommendations.

In order to provide recommendations, our team of health experts put together a set of calculations that someone’s questionnaire response has to go through. For example: “if the responder performs heavy exercises less than x hours every week and eats more than y servings of grains, then add z to their diet score”, or “calculate a nutrition score using this weighting for the different supplements that a responder consumes”.

Until we started using Intersect a couple months ago, all these calculations were programmed in SAS and had to be manually triggered from the survey response (after ingesting a response and converting to a correct file format).

Using Intersect to Clean Data

A few months ago, we set up a data transformation pipeline with Intersect. Given the complex nature of our survey, the pipeline has more than 100 steps! It took an hour or so to set up; the setup process itself was fun! I felt like I had superpowers. More importantly, once set up, we don’t have to worry about it. Now, anytime someone answers our Typeform survey, the response gets sent to Intersect Labs via the API endpoint; Pasteur puts the survey through the pipeline in a matter of a couple seconds and with the integrations, the results of the calculations automatically appear in our database!

Previously, the process was cumbersome. The computations had to be triggered manually on our end, took some time to run, and results had to be copy pasted into our database painstakingly. We have now automated the entire process, without having to distract our engineering team. 

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