Case Studies
Intersect Labs can be used for all sorts of data. Think of it like a calculator: it gets you reliable answers, easily. All kinds of data work, whether you're trying to predict asset prices, forecast your sales, or classify your customers.

If you have an outcome and a table of factors that influence it, you can train a model easily and make accurate predictions. Here are a few examples of how you can use Intersect Labs.
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" relying on Intersect Labs to find the most predictive features of our dataset, we’ve been able to whittle down to 56 SNPs… without sacrificing the accuracy of the classifier."

E Hu, Research Scientist
The Center for Aquaculture Technologies Inc.

“This lets the sales team make accurate predictions on their own, more quickly than before.”

Kristie Ching, Business Analyst Manager
Supply Chain
Oh My Green

"Instead of coding for hours, I can make a lot of models quickly, test them, and they just work. They’re automatically deployed on a secure cloud, so we can easily make predictions via API and integrate them directly into our app."

Rohit Singh, Director of Analytics
Consumer Behavior