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Predictive analytics 

in 3 clicks

Machine learning in minutes. All you need is a spreadsheet.

Case Studies 

Predicting Costs to Serve New Customers
“This lets the sales team make accurate predictions on their own, more quickly than before.”

Kristie Ching,

Business Analyst Manager, Oh My Green

Detecting Disease Through Data
"It took about two minutes for the platform to clean our data and train models — the final result was a classification model that’s over 99% accurate."

E Hu,

Research Scientist,

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies Inc.

Identifying Patients That Will Be A No-Show
“Instead of coding for hours, I can make a lot of models quickly, test them, and they just work.” 

Rohit Singh,

Director of Data Analytics,


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No more guessing.

Make reliable predictions.

Everyone wants to predict the future — whether you're recommending products to customers, forecasting revenue, or optimizing a supply chain. You need to know what happens next.

Intersect Labs puts the world's most advanced algorithms in your hands with just three clicks.

How it Works

 Step 1: Upload and select

Export a CSV file from your database or spreadsheet. Upload it to Intersect Labs, then select the column that you're trying to predict.

Step 2: Automated data cleaning

Save hours of time. Intersect Labs automatically normalizes data, handles categorical variables, and populates missing values intelligently.

Step 3: Model training, tuning, and deployment

We handle the hard stuff: Intersect Labs trains models, tests them rigorously, and deploys the most accurate one.


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