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All you need is a spreadsheet.
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Case Studies

Learn how machine learning drives business results
“This lets the sales team make accurate predictions on their own, more quickly than before.”
Kristie Ching, Business Analyst Manager
Supply Chain
Oh My Green
"It took about two minutes for the platform to clean our data and train models — the final result was a classification model that’s over 99% accurate."
E Hu, Research Scientist
The Center for Aquaculture Technologies Inc.
“Instead of coding for hours, I can make a lot of models quickly, test them, and they just work.”
Rohit Singh, Director of Data Analytics
Consumer Behavior
Phillips Medumo

Three Easy Steps

Simulate every scenario
Ever wonder what will happen when you change something? Make the changes and your model will show you the likely results.
Discover hidden insights
Learn which variables in your business have the most impact, with automated analysis.
Integrate predictions into your workflow
Powerful integrations and a REST API bring predictions directly into any tech stack.

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