Build data apps to automate repetitive data processing

Import your data from any source.

Work with data, in collaborative data notebooks.

Share as interactive data app that anyone can run or schedule.

Stop wasting time on tedious, manual data tasks that take hours to complete. Start building data apps to automate repetitive data processing and grow your business.

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Video describing what Intersect is - Collaborative data workspace for business teams
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What is a Data App?

A data app contains the set of “instructions” for how you want your data to be processed. These instructions can be assembled visually by joining together pre-provided blocks – kinda like building your own castle from lego blocks.

Intersect Labs powers organizations to create data notebooks visually, customize them when needed, and deploy to teams. Clean data, manage inventory, create sales reports, understand demand,  and much more.

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Getting started is easy

Powerful and
easy-to-use building blocks

Intersect provides a set of powerful building blocks like Import data , Transforms, Analytics, Notes and Export data that will help you compose your data app.

Build your app using an intuitive visual editor and preview updates in real time.

Modify and combine data with more than 60 pre-built transforms.

Intersect has empowered us to focus on what we are good at -- the actual business logic that lets us maintain our competitive edge, by removing the tedious, manual processes that we previously used to analyzed data.

Sean Godar, Vice President, Strategy and Analytics

Connect data sources
in a few clicks

Import local files, connect databases or your favorite tools. Intersect Labs provides a library of native integrations that lets you connect data sources easier.

Empowering everyone to make data-driven decisions

Data-driven decisions
Take data out of its silo and bridge the gap between data analytics and business actions.
Hands-on support
You will always be able to lean on experts to get you from idea to an app in no time.
Battle-tested reliability
The highly scalable and reliable platform means that no data app is too big.
Bank-level security
All your data is protected with 128-bit TLS.

Connect all your customer success tools

Check all 40+ integrations
an image that shows various number of integrations that are available on Intersect

Connect all your tools and databases

Check all 40+ integrations

Built for teams

Share data apps with your coworkers to ensure consistency across organization; collaborate easily; maintain provenance with version control and audit logs .  

Delegate access
Track changes
Surface results

Get your time back.

Build your first interactive data app today and start saving hours every month.

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